A Age : 39
B Biggest Fear : Oh, there’s so many of them. Many involve clowns, oddly enough. Seriously, though, anything that prevents me from breathing or where I’m basically trapped in my body.
C Current Time : 11:19PM
D Drink You Had Last : Water
E Easiest Person To Talk To : I’m blessed with a good core of friends but I guess the one who gets me best is my old college buddy, L, who also deals with chronic pain issues.
F Favorite Movie : Clue
G Grossest Memory : One of the few times I had to reach into a dog’s mouth and pull out a dead and rotting animal during my dog walking days. Ugh…
H Hair color : Natural? Black gone silver. I’m prematurely gray. dyed? Very red.
I In Love With : I plan on being a crazy cat lady, so no one.
J Jealous Of : I don’t do jealousy either. It’s pointless.
K Killed Someone : In my head? Many times.
L Longest Relationship : Married 6 years, separated an additional 3 years before divorce. That dragged on forever!
M Middle Name : None! My kids are the only ones in the family with middle names.
N Number of Siblings : None!
O One Wish : I would wish perfect health for my children. so far, do good.
P Person Who You Last Called : My mom
Q Question You’re Always Asked : “Aren’t you better yet?”
R Reason To Smile : My kids
S Song Last Sang : “Burn Your House Down”– The Peculiar Pretzelmen
T Time You Woke Up : 9:00AM
U Underwear Color : Black
V Vacation Destination: We haven’t gone on a real vacation in years. Our last one was a total nightmare. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We haven’t felt like one since.
W Worst Habit : Drinking soda
X X-Rays You’ve Had : I think I’ve had my entired body X-rayed at this point.
Y Your Favorite Food : Stuffed grape leaves. Yum!
Z Zodiac Sign: Libra

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