All About That Base (Chakra)

Or Tip Toeing Through Your Chakras, A.K.A. Energy Centers…

imageYou’re probably wondering what the Hell this post has to do with invisible illnesses or chronic pain, right? More than you might think, at first. You know I’m into meditation and yoga and all that and you might have seen in my previous bio that I do Reiki as well. I’m big on energy healing in any form. Reiki just happens to be the one I’m certified in. Anyway, there are energy meridians all over the body that can be manipulated by those gifted with different forms of energy healing. The chakras are the most well known of the energy centers of the body.

Most know of seven chakras, running from the base to the crown. Over time, I plan on hitting each chakra and discussing what an energy imbalance can cause emotionally and physically for a person. If you think this is hokey crap, that’s fine. I won’t be offended. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I happen to find some truth in this.

Physical issues associated with blockage: Immune system issues, addictive behavior, depression, obesity, knee problems, kidney stones, adrenal issues, sciatica, leg cramps, weak ankles, fluid retention, skin disorders.

Emotional issues associated with blockage: fear of abandonment, money issues, lack of focus, disorganized, lack of stamina, little or no boundaries.

It is said that the base chakra can become blocked when we submit to fear. If we become uprooted in our frantic need for survival, we block the flow of energy. The best way to heal is to go outdoors and connect with the earth. Garden or just even sit under a tree. If that’s not feasible, then eat earthy root vegetables to become more grounded.

The main lesson of this chakra is feeling safe and knowing you deserve to be here.

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