Fun With Fibro Fog

Or Wait…What Was I Just Saying?

Ah…. The joys of short term memory loss… It makes every task take ten times longer than it needs to. I have scribbled notes all over my house that I don’t understand because I wrote them in some strange shorthand. I absolutely need my phone, particularly my calendar app, or I’ll forget everything! Numbers, appointments (mostly doctors), more lists, and I even have an app that reminds me to take my medications. My many, many medications. You’d think I’d remember them after taking so many for so long, but nope!

If I don’t force myself to single-mindedly focus on a task, I’ll easily get distracted and forget it. I can’t tell you how many partially read books I’ve left around my house, knitting projects, drawings… They will never be done. Too much time has gone by. More than five minutes is too much time.

It took me an hour and a half tonight to order vitamins and some hair gel online. Why? I got distracted by nearly every person in the house at least once and lost track of what I was doing. I had a list in my hand and it still took me that long! And this isn’t even one of my really bad days, sadly.

I long for the days when I had an excellent memory. Oh, I miss that! It was so nice not having to write cryptic notes to myself. Or reminding my kids to remind me of something and then yelling at them for forgetting. Or wondering if I can surgically attach my phone to my body somehow so I never have to worry about losing it. Until then, I guess I need to keep post-it notes and pens handy.

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