Hair We Go

Or How to Start Your Own Wig Company Thanks to a Bum Thyroid…

One of the many wonderful symptoms of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s is thinning hair. Now, luckily, I started out with quite a lot so, even though I seem to be losing copious amounts, I don’t seem to notice any very thin areas. I am hoping it stays this way.

When I say I’m losing copious amounts of hair, I wish I were kidding… I leave hair everywhere now. I’m constantly shedding. I find tumbleweeds of my hair rolling around my house. I found strands wound around my cat, tangled in his fur. There was hair in my kids’ clean laundry. Which I didn’t even wash!

Because hair thins so much thanks to this condition, I baby it as much as possible. I have to because I color it. Obviously. My hair color does not come from nature. I also occasionally use heat styling, so I try to protect it as much as possible. People with hypothyroidism tend to have dry, brittle hair and heat styling is pretty much the worst thing you can do. Use a thermal protecting product and use the lowest temperature setting possible for your hair.

I also recommend deep conditioning at least once a week. I have used all kinds but my favorite is plain old coconut oil. The kind you find in a jar at the supermarket. I love coconut oil and use it for just about everything! I cook with it, moisturizer with it, remove make up with it… It has so many uses!

I don’t use a typical shampoo because I find it too drying on my hair. I like cleansing conditioners and even then I don’t wash too often. Over-washing hair can be very damaging. I find that only people with very fine hair need frequent washing and even they can get away with just rinsing one day between shampoos.

I hope this helps anyone else out there with thyroid issues. It can be very frustrating and, especially if you’re dealing with alopecia, can really affect your self-esteem. As if gaining weight, memory loss, and exhaustion weren’t bad enough, right? Hopefully, this will give you some good hair days.

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