Beautifully Flawed

“I like flaws, they make things interesting.” – Sarah Dessen

I’m an artist so you’d assume I’d prefer to pretty and perfect things to draw, right? And, sometimes, yes, I do like that but it can get boring after a while. I prefer something that’s more interesting, even flawed. I like something that draws the eye in and creates a bit of disharmony. It’s just more fun to look at. I feel that way about people too.

I like scars. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? But I do. I feel that there should be no shame associated with scars because they show that you’re a survivor. You’re strong and resilient. Plus, as an added bonus, they make you look kind of badass. It’s like a tattoo without the ink (though I have those too).

Same with stretch marks. Pretty much everyone has one somewhere on their body, either from a growth spurt or pregnancy or weight gain/loss. I feel like it’s such an inconsequential thing now. I’m so glad Chrissy Teigen made it popular to embrace your stretch marks. I think that’s pretty damn awesome! I feel like we punish our bodies for simply reacting naturally. How can I be mad that I have stretch marks after carrying two nearly nine pound babies? My body created life! It’s a small price to pay.

Our bodies are miraculous and we really don’t appreciate them. Their quirks, their uniqueness. It makes you you. It might even be the very thing that someone loves about you. I always tell other people to love themselves, so-called flaws and all. The flaws only make you interesting and unique. And sometimes kind of badass.

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