Hide and Seek

Or How I Became Really Good At Hiding In Really Tiny Spaces…

There wasn’t a lot to keep two kids occupied around the house. Most of the board games we had required more than two kids, so that was out. I was happy enough reading or drawing all day, but my cousin would whine at me because he had nothing to do then. There were card games, but you could only play so many hands of poker, crazy eights, go fish, etc. before burning out. So we would play Hide and Seek.

To make it difficult, we would play it indoors. We could limit the game to certain floors or anywhere in the house. The second floor was hardest because of my aunt. She hated the game and would yell at us for being silly and messing around. To be able to hide without her finding you first was key. Getting to the attic was nearly impossible. As soon as she heard that door open, she came running. It was usually best to stick to my level (first) and the basement. But, sometimes, we got daring.

My mom tolerated the games. I think she was more amused by how my cousin could never find me and would always accuse me of cheating. I was good. I was clever at finding unusual hiding spots and I was flexible enough to squeeze into strange and tiny spaces. He wasn’t so lucky. He had little to no flexibility. He was sure I was making up stuff all of the time. I’d constantly have to prove that I could fit into where I said I’d been. Even if my mother told him that I had come out of there, I’d still have to show him.

The poor dear wasn’t too bright, though, because he would always try to use my hiding spot right after I had just used it. I always found him. Again, I’d get accused of cheating. I never had to cheat, he just either stuck out like a sore thumb or he literally just used the spot I had just vacated. There was no strategy being used there. I finally told him that. You’d think, being the older one, he would have figured that one out on his own, but he hadn’t. He was so sure I was always cheating. My mom finally had to put the kibosh on our games. The playing field was not level.

Eventually, as we grew older, we started playing a different version of Hide and Seek. I’d find his porn stash and blackmail him about him. I found his cigarettes, hid them somewhere else to freak him out. That sort of thing. I know, so diabolical. I had so much fun! He never was able to blackmail me. Every time he thought he had something on me, I went and told my parents first. He finally gave up on trying to catch me. Hide and Seek Champion forever!

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