Adventures In the Park

Or the Time We Spent the Entire Day Wandering the Park…

I touched upon the park central to the town before. I even described spending the day at an amusement park and café briefly. I’ll tell you a bit more about that today. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, I’ll use nicknames for some of the people in the story to cut back on initial abuse. D and I were spending the day with R- henceforth, Rita- and her sisters, Irina and Sveta.

I was curious about the park, mostly because they weren’t. They grew up there and didn’t know what was in it. That, to me, was unacceptable. I would have to know every inch of it like the palm of my hand. I have to know everything about everything, it’s my nature. No secrets are allowed. I will find them out one way or another. So we decided to spend the entire day wandering around the park. This made me unbelievably happy.

Eventually, we found a small amusement park. I loved amusement parks so I was all over this! Of course I was a little concerned about upkeep, so I tried to see if things looked well maintained. All seemed well enough. We went on a ride that was like the Wipeout. I was in a car with Irina and the other three were together in another car. All was fine until I realized that the guy operating the ride forgot about us and had really gotten into his book.

I should mention that D had worse motion sickness than I did. I was always prepared when we went on trips. I took Dramamine, brought lemon drops to help with queasiness, made sure I had bags in case I was sick. D would always insist that he didn’t get sick and then he would be the one puking all over the place, not into one of the bags I was trying to shove at him. Every. Damn. Time.

Ok, so back to the story…. The guy totally forgot about us. I was a little queasy, but amused. D, however, was frantic. He started to do everything he could to get the guy’s attention, yelling and waving his arms. Irina and I couldn’t help but start laughing at him. Rita and Sveta were looking concerned because D was so panicked.

At this point, we were on the ride a good 15-20 minutes. I was sick as hell, but laughing so hard at D that I had tears streaming down my face. Irina was in a similar state. We were clutching each other, laughing. The man at the controls finally looked up and saw D frantically waving and stopped the ride. We carefully got our bearings and got off the ride. None of us were doing too well.

D had to sit down with his head between his knees for a while and I sat next to him, still giggling and weak-kneed. He gave me the dirtiest look ever and swore to never go on a ride with me ever again. This made me snort in an unattractive manner. After a rest, we were able to leave and I swore we would go on no more rides. Instead we found carnival games to play. There was one where I wrenched my back horribly and it never fully recovered. Apparently, I tore the tendon or something and have a lovely knot of scar tissue where my body tried to heal itself. (My father didn’t take me seriously when I said I hurt myself badly and I never got it seen to.)

At this point, I was in pain, tired, and hungry so I told everyone that I would take them to this café I knew about in the park. I’d been there only once before but I had a really good sense of direction and was sure I could get us back there. No one believed me and thought I was leading them on a wild goose chase. They didn’t even believe this place existed. We walked for a while, but I was sure. I knew where I was going. And I was right.

Just when it seemed like there would be nothing but more trees, it appeared. This building in the middle of nowhere. It had these huge stained glass windows in front of folk dancers from our region. Everyone was in awe. They honestly thought I had been making it up! We went in and my father was sitting inside. I waved as we passed on our way to our own table. The music that played was mostly British, so this was a happy place for me. We ordered lunch when my father and the waitress stopped by. Apparently, the waitress thought my father was some creep trying to pick us up and I had to tell her that I was his daughter. I was tempted to mess with him, but I figured we’d get a free lunch, so I’d be good. I told her who he was and she relaxed and let him pay.

After lunch, we left the park and I begged that we hitch a ride back home. My back was murdering me and I desperately needed something for the pain. I was flat on my back for days after and I begged A’s wife, the doctor, for something just a little stronger to help me sleep at night. It was bad. Knowing now what damage I did then, I’m amazed that I got by on what I did. My doctor said that that injury is very likely what started my arthritis in my back. Oh, well… Karma’s a bitch.

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