Murder! Death! Kill!

Or How My Drawlloween Zen Was Shaken to Its Very Core…

Why can’t I have nice, long moments of luxurious, delicious, decadent peace? Why must people always crap on my parade? Bastards.

Despite the fact that my health has been slowly and steadily getting worse, unfortunately, I had found some peace in picking up drawing again. I did feel a bit rushed having to complete a drawing a day but I still enjoyed it enough to want to continue after Drawlloween was over. I hoped that, in lowering my stress level, it would eventually help improve my health a bit.

Then weird, unexplained things started happening with my health. I went to my doctor on a day during which I had a migraine coming on. I warned the nurse taking my blood pressure that it would be high because of that but it turned out to be very low. Scarily low, in fact. No one could explain it. I take a lot of medication that raises my blood pressure, not lowers it. And I’ve had quite a few dizzy spells and migraines lately. That’s just amongst other health issues.

Also add in dealing with two teenagers into the mix… Ugh. That would undo any sane person, really. They like to take turns aggravating me. They’re good about that. But the boy at least knows to toe the line. He backs off quickly if he sees that I’m about to explode. (Yes, I’m a yeller. I know that’s a fault of mine, but there it is. I blow up and then I get over it.) The girl, however, sees no line. She utterly obliterates the line and I’m screaming until I’m hoarse and she pouts like I’m the evil witch. This time, though…

She actually went so far that her grandmother, my mother, flipped out on her. My mom rarely ever loses her cool. She’s the epitome of “stiff upper lip”. It makes me crazy sometimes how cool and calm she stays. But, apparently, my mom not only lost her shit on my daughter but almost slapped her. That is huge. Even my daughter realized she fucked up big but she’s like me, go big or go home. She added to it.

I have gotten so angry that my own mother is actually laughing at me. I was ranting and she…giggled. I couldn’t believe it. My son comes in after all calmed down a bit. (He was at work during the drama.) He asked, “Why is she pouting?” To which I loudly replied, “Because I will kill her if I see her today.” And he just shrugged and walked away with an “Okay” because, you know, it’s Wednesday and that’s how we do things here on Wednesdays.


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